Force Behind MITHILAsmita

Force Behind MITHILAsmita:



Gauri Mishra or Gauri Maa or ‘Maaji’ (the reverend Mother) has a very profound involvement in the cause of upliftment of women from their age-old shackles of economic dependability, emotional exploitation, superstitious hurdles in the form of beliefs and make them self employed; steered her brain-child organization Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) with an in-born and “ingrained-on-the-psyche” commitment to lead the International Organization for women through art & craft, especially Mithila (Madhubani) Paintings.

An M.A. from Mithila University, Vidya Ratna (Directorate equivalent), a W.I.M fromWashington D.C. and D.A.E. from Leicester, London, Maanji (Rev. Mother) Mrs. Gauri Mishra has also done Political Science, English poetry and Dip. in Journalism from Midland, London, was a research aid to full bright scholar Anthropologist Dr. Raymond Owens and also to Heidelberg Scholar Anthropologist, Dr. Erica (Moser) Smith; was assistant director to “Six Great Artisans of Mithila”, is a consultant for UNICEF Project (Film on Shanti Devi – An Artist of the downtrodden class); is a Pioneer of Women’s Movement in Mithila; is the Promoter of Mastercraftmen’s Association of Mithila (Jitwarpur, Madhubani); has the unique distinction of being patron & Mother-Person for a Short Stay Home (Abhay Ashram – Fearless Cottage) for distressed women of Madhubani; has very rare entreprenurial talent of organising first-ever World Market for Mithila Paintings, such as – Denver Museum Show, Berkeley Museum Exhibition; was an invitee to the Heidelberg Varsity (Germany) sponsored Market Meet; has been conferred with “Governor’s Award for Super Social Service. IS A GRAND OLD OF MITHILA, AND IS CALLED MOTHER TERESA OF MITHILA.


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