Artisan Enterprise Training

Most of the artisan businesses die in lack of proper mentoring/training to promote their art and crafts. In today’s digital world, lack of digital marketing knowledge becomes another reason for crafts businesses to die a slow death.

Training Lectures by Ihitashri Shandilya

MITHILAsmita has therefore pioneered into providing few basic yet critical artisan enterprise training to artisan businesses in India and globally. These training can play an important role in helping these artisan enterprises not just survive but thrive and their handmade goods reach masses!



Our training are:

  • Basic Course in Art/Craft Marketing (8 hrs)
  • Digitization of Small Businesses (5 hrs)
  • Product Marketing in Digital World (5 hrs)
  • Communication essentials for Small Businesses (5 hrs)
  • Web presence of artisan business (5 hrs)