Art Marketing Services (for Artisan Businesses)

Art Marketing Consulting Art Marketing Services (for Artisan Businesses): Art Marketing has been one of the least discussed areas in a developing nation like India. And therefore, a number of art businesses fail to survive. By supporting these small and medium businesses through consulting and training, MITHILAsmita hopes to support the traditional art ecosystem and the artisans involved in India and other developing nations.



MITHILAsmita believes in not just crusading its own cause to preserve Madhubani Paintings, but also help other organizations in India and other countries to help preserve their intangible heritage and culture. And thus, eventually bringing livelihoods to the people involved!

International artisan businesses TaiwanKeeping this vision in mind, MITHILAsmita has initiated its Art Marketing Services for Artisan Enterprises (Small & Medium Businesses/NGOs), which aims to provide Consulting and Training in the areas of:

  1. Marketing
  2. Technology
  3. Strategy